Home Prices Have Doubled 2012 to 2018

I understand the market, the trends and how it affects you.

 In the past 6 years, some prices have doubled in some neighborhoods on Seattle’s Eastside.

Growth has slowed and interest rates seem to be stable.

Is it time to make that move? 

If it’s time to make that move and your making financial plans, don’t trust the online valuations. You know who they are with their fancy algorithms  and  big promises of "this is your home value".  They may be close and then again, they may be off by a lot, up or down.  Get real data from an experienced REALTOR and together you can analyze the numbers to come up with the price that will get your home SOLD and put the most money in your pocket.

Contact Tom Perry, to find out more about the Perceived Market Value of your home and receive a detailed Comparative Market analysis (CMA) of your home.  He looks at your price three ways and helps you create your pricing strategy based on the market.  Tom understands the market, monitors its movement and will be a great asset when it comes time to make that move. Pricing, presentation, marketing and strong negotiations are all on your side when you hire Tom.

Check this Out ...

>Homes priced under $500,000 have all but disappeared. 

>The number of homes priced over $1,000,000 has increased more than 400%

>The median home in the area has increased 60% in value.