Seller Expense Reimbursement

#1 Prepare your home "For Sale"

Buyers will always pay more for the near perfect home.  Pre-list inspection, cosmetic and structural repairs, updated, staged for sale and presented in a way that leaves no questions.

We will guide you through the process.

What is Seller Reimbursement

Sellers earn the Reimbursement by simply agreeing to follow the four common sense steps that will  generate "Top Dollar" from the sale of their home... Every Time! 

  We will reimburse you at closing* for your Inspection, staging, home warranty, and up to $1000 towards home improvement.  All expenses for my marketing plan are covered as well.


*Some restrictions and guidelines apply

#3 Follow the Agent's Marketing

Marketing is so much more than the internet.  

Our Pro-Active Marketing System is comprehensive and far reaching. We utilize our online presence, print, mail, phone, and face to face methods.

We never cut corners!

#2 Perceived Market Value

Price your home at "Perceived Market Value".

This is the price the market reflects will get your home SOLD.  We price your home 3 ways and back it up with additional market information.

The wrong price can cost you thousands!

Earn "Top Dollar"

It's not a mystery!

Homes sell for "Top Dollar" for four reasons. 

1st is selecting a strong experienced agent. 

2nd is to fully prepare your home "for Sale", 

3rd is selecting the right listing price. 

4th is understanding the negotiation process.

We make sure that your home is prepared to generate Top Dollar and then we reimburse you for some of your Seller Expenses.

#4 Negotiation Strategies

Negotiation Strategies begin with our first visit.

Negotiation are so much more than just discussing the price and terms of an offer.  Negotiations really start with proper preparation of the home, setting the right price and using comprehensive marketing. 

 A thoughtful negotiating strategy is best.