Seller's Four Point Checklist


Before, during and after our appointment

When it's time to sell a home

1.  Tour your home and make a couple lists.

2.  Have an idea of the price that will get your home SOLD.

3.  Make your appointment to meet with Tom Perry

4.  Be responsive and reasonable during the listing period.

Most important ... be sure that all decisions makers are up to speed!

Please be aware!  The best homes, priced right always bring more money ... in any market!  There are several issues that must be addressed before putting your home on the market, and there are important strategies you need to know before reviewing offers from Buyers.  Working with an inexperienced agent that will let you get started without a strategy meeting is just setting you up to fail.

1. Tour your home and make a couple lists.

a.  Look at the home, the neighborhood, the area and make a list of all the great features of living here. 

b.  Next, make the short list of the drawbacks you have faced.  

c.  Now, tour your home and list the maintenance issues, needed repairs and possible replacements needed to make your home shine.  

d.  Lastly, you will list all your questions and concerns so we can address each during our meeting.

2. Make an appointment to meet with Tom Perry.

Selling a home for top dollar is pretty straight forward but some Sellers just don't get it.  This makes our initial meeting is so important.  I will address all of your expectations and concerns.  Then we will discuss the listing process, home preparation, the purchase agreement, and negotiating strategies.  When we are done, we will have a strategy in place to get your home SOLD for top dollar.  

 Contact Tom for a Consultation 

3. Inspect, repair, replace and stage your home.

The best homes bring the best price.  Get a Pre-List structural inspection of your home and make all the repairs.  This can stop the buyer from conducting an inspection.  Staging your home is a psychological must in this market.  It's the norm, it's expected and it works.  The proper preparation certainly brings higher offers ... every time!  I count these service providers as part of my team: inspector, contractor, home stager and others that give my clients great service. Together, we will get your home prepared for sale. 

Some of my Trusted Service Providers

4. Be responsive and reasonable during the listing period.

Sometimes there are adjustments needed to our price, marketing or condition of the property.  It is important that we make corrections as needed within the first 2 weeks. 

 We will go over the important parts of the purchase agreement before listing your home.  We will look at possible issues that often come up and strategies you may want to use in response.  Also, I will ask that you reply to every offer, unless we have multiple offers.  In that case there is usually 1 or 2 that we deal with.

My Complete Home Marketing Plan

Click the button to see how I get Top Dollar:  It goes through the process we follow to ensure top dollar from the sale of your home. We will also put together an Interactive Property Website for your home.  It will have all your photos, features of your home, area information including recreation and schools.  Leave nothing to chance.