How Buyers Beat the Market

Before We Meet

Most buyers have been looking online at homes for a couple weeks.  Maybe they have seen a few open houses.  They might have been to a lender website to find their approximate price range.  This is a great start but there is so much more to it.

The Right Time

The right time can sneak-up on you.  You may stumble on just the right home and you're not ready.  So, be prepared.  Let's get together for a short meeting to discover the process before you get serious.

The Process

Be sure that your agent understands your options, the process, your financing the contracts and effective negotiations.  Then your agent must be able to explain and demonstrate these to you before you take the final step to find your next home. 

Buyer's Five Step Checklist

Understanding the Market

This is a complicated real estate market.  It is difficult to separate stories on the news and your own emotional picture from reality.  Rely on your agent to show you the trends and explain a few offer strategies that work.


Before you make an offer on a home, you need to know the trends of the market, specific pricing information for the home, the seller's hot points and negotiating strategies.  Your agent must be aware, strong and experienced.

Bottom Line

Just having an agent in the wings waiting for your call to see a property or write an offer is NOT the right process. Set your appointment today to get together to discuss your options.

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