Get the “Stress Free” Buyer Advantage

Before We Meet.

You have been looking online at homes, you have seen a few that you like. Now it’s time to find a great agent to guide you through this complicated process.

Is this the Right Time?

The right time to buy can sneak-up on you. Many offers are rejected just because the buyer and their agent weren’t prepared or on the same page.

Understand the Process.

It’s always best to understand your options, the process, your financing, the contracts, and effective negotiations before you search.   

Know the Market.

 You can rely on our honest candor to show how market trends vary from place to place and how your offer strategy is affected in different ways.

Prepare for Negotiations.

My knowledge of the process puts you ahead of the competition. We discuss seller’s hot buttons and negotiating strategies to lead them to think the offer is in their favor.

Bottom Line.

Set your appointment to discuss your options before you get too far down a rabbit hole. Now, or in the near future, it’s best to be prepared. 

Thought about working with just any virtual discount broker or your cousin?

An Experienced REALTOR® with a proven system earns their fee.

Find the right home in less time – Use strong negotiation strategies – Shop with Less stress.

Find out how you qualify for our FULL SERVICE Buyer Rebate Program.

You can put your trust in Ade Juwono as I do. He has worked in the field with our buyers for 6 years.

Ade and I are ready to meet with you for your consultation.

We listen to your expectations and from that,

we make a plan for you to look for your next home in the future or now.


A man in a suit and tie smiling for the camera.

Ade knows the right questions to ask of you and the listing broker.


Ade keeps you engaged using the OneHome property search tool.


Ade and I meet daily to monitor your progress of your search and your purchase and report to you.

Four important steps before your home search begins.

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Buyer Consultation:

You can rest easy knowing that we understand your expectations. Your “Stress Free” plan to get you moved is on your schedule.

A man holding up a sign with the words " i 'm ready to buy a home ".

A Set System:

You will love knowing the next steps by referring to the “No Stress” Buyer’s Guide anytime you have a question … and contact us us if you need clarifications.

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Quick Response Services:

Using our “OneHome” search system is a better way to search for the best homes, get in quickly and get you offers accepted.

A person holding something in front of the word negotiation.

Negotiation Strategies:

Learn how to eliminate the greatest fear all buyers share … not knowing the contracts and second guessing negotiation strategies.

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We Follow Your Timeline …

Now or in the near future, we are here to help. Your buyer consultation is to get acquainted, learn your expectations and determine when the timing will be right.