Attention Serious Home Sellers

Are you worried about Price, Time, and Effort to get your home SOLD for Top Dollar?

Are you worried about leaving money on the table?

Confused about what you really need to do the sell for the most money?

With my “Net Top Dollar” System,

you will know without a doubt that you did all you could to generate 

Top Dollar from the sale of your home.

Leave nothing to chance.


The decisions you make during your initial consultation are key to your success.

Our preferred inspector, contractors, and staging professionals are worth their weight in gold.

 Your property exposure through my comprehensive marketing plan and my ability to negotiate are invaluable.


Checkout the marketing plan outline below … Together, we make it happen!


Initial Consultation to discuss Preparation, Pricing and Presentation.

Let me guide you to generate Top Dollar

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Maximum Internet Exposure

Local  –  National  –  International

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A website with unique property url, text code and qr tags.

Social Media and Face to Face Marketing

New technologies  –  Good old sales

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A picture of some real estate signs and newspapers.

Timely Communication 

Showing feedback  –  Changes in the market  –   Offer Strategies

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As a BONUS, I also offer a triple guarantee!

A triple guarantee form for a home