Market Update February 2023

When is the best time to get my home SOLD for the most money?

We are now 2 months into the new year. It’s time for the February 2023 market update. Sellers seem to be hesitating to put their homes on the market and buyers are still anxious so find their next home. These two contradictory actions are continuing the effects of a seller’s market. For the time being this climate might be great for sellers, but how long will it last? A soon as seller’s read this blog post they will be calling their broker to see how they stand financially and strategically. Is this a good time to sell?

A bar graph showing the number of units sold in seattle 's eastside.

Typically, as if there is anything typical in today’s real estate market, we see the number of properties on the market grow as we get into March. This increases the competition among sellers to get the buyer’s attention. Preparation and list price strategies become very important. Only the best prepared homes that are priced right sell first and for the most money.

In most years we see the greatest increase in SOLD price during the second quarter. Then the prices trail downward in small percentages. This answers the biggest question on every seller’s mind. “When is the best time to get my home SOLD for the most money?” NOW!

As you can see in the above chart; The number of homes SOLD has started to increase. The median number of days on the market to get an offer accepted is down from 30 days in January to 17 last month. And the number of homes SOLD on the first week has started its climb as well.


The chart to the right shows us that prices are certainly not going down, On the contrary, prices seem to have already started the 2nd quarter climb.

A graph showing the median sold price of seattle 's eastside.

Be careful looking at SOLD prices, days on the market, and Dollar per Square Foot. Every area, neighborhood and price point is different. You need follow the guidance of an experienced REALTOR®. This isn’t the time think you are saving money hiring the services of a discount broker. This is the time to hire an experienced broker with a solid pro-active system to generate the greatest exposure and the negotiation skills to generate the highest price.

Ask your REALTOR® to show and explain the how the current market trends affect your pre-list preparations and strategic list price. Then, let them demonstrate their negotiation strategies and how they recommend getting the most exposure for your home and the highest price.

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