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An agent that listens to you, acts on your needs and expectations then guides you with viable options and probable outcomes based on years of experience: Hundreds of transactions right here in Seattle’s eastside have taught me that every client, house, and transaction is unique. My clients are grateful for the personal and candid assistance they receive in making many important decisions along the way. Buying and selling real estate in Seattle is truly a huge emotional step for most people. My personal, hands-on, and systematic approach has proven to be the best way to succeed.

All Buyers MUST enter a Buyer Broker Agreement “As Soon As Reasonably Practical”.

Carefully select the broker to assist with your property search. Brokers are expected to deliver services with reasonable skill. What is a reasonable skill? The state has a standard in RCW 18.86.120 for general broker duties but there isn’t a set outline of practical tasks or services required by the state. This means that buyers should interview brokers before signing the Service Agreement just as sellers have been doing for years.

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July Real Estate Market Recap

July Real Estate Market Recap Tom Perry Summarizes the NWMLS June Press Release and adds data from NAR, NWMLS and FreddieMac. Published on: August 8, 2023 July has seen the inevitable downturn in the housing market given higher mortgage rates, there are still positives for both buyers and sellers. The Northwest MLS statistics summarizing July’s activity

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