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Some Sellers Net More Money

Some Homes Sell for More.

Why is it that some homes generate more offers and higher prices than others in the same neighborhood?

I’ve found that when a buyer tours a home, and they are left with too much to think about they either make an offer lower than they are willing go or walk away all together. They lose thier “Want To”.  Thus, the creation of my “Net Top Dollar” seller system to generate more energy and desire in buyers that visit the home.

By creating urgency for the buyer and the fear of loss with our strategic preparation, pricing, and presentation system, we give the buyer a reason to quickly make the decision to present an offer. Because they really don’t want to lose out, their offer price is typically for more than they thought they would pay. How do we do this?

Research and application: From my years of experience, I have seen that there are buyers for every home, and I’ve learned what triggers that green light for buyers to make offers. On top of that is the seemingly never-ending research to stay abreast of the quick changes in technology and systems in the real estate landscape.

When it comes right down to it, buyers do not like mystery. They never have. It doesn’t matter what the product, if given the choice, they will always go with the known, safe choice. Home buyers demonstrate that every day. The price and terms of their offers will always reflect their concerns or their of loss.

  1. Buyers do not like mystery. Transparency and disclosure are buzz words of the day.
  2. Buyers do not want to make repairs or clean-up a property.
  3. Buyers want to feel like the seller cared and maintained the property.
  4. Buyers want to feel at home when they first tour the home.
  5. Ultimately buyers want the feeling of satisfaction that they made a great decision.

So, how do we suggest that sellers address each of these points.

  • Enlist the services of an experienced REALTOR®, listen to and implement their suggestions.
  • Hire a home inspector to fully inspect the property before you get too far in.
  • Get a staging consultation for recommendations that make the home more saleable.
  • Address the must do items from the inspection and follow the home stager’s recommendations.
  • Follow the strategic pricing strategy of the REALTOR® to generate traffic and competition.
  • Be open and honest about any defects, issues, or documentation the buyer may need reach that feeling of security.

In today’s market, home flippers are your competition. The unbelievable SOLD prices we all hear about are for homes that have been completely repaired, updated, and staged. For the sellers that want to be competitive and earn top dollar, follow my plan.

  • Not all sellers want top dollar. Typically, in an inheritance, the heirs might simply want to get rid of the property without any fuss and little concern of the SOLD price.
  • Your SOLD price will reflect the preparation and physical presentation of your property. The seller will always net less if they choose to cut corners and leave questions and concerns for the buyer.


The best homes, priced right will always bring more money … 

in any market!

We call it “Net Top Dollar” because it works..  

I do realize that not all sellers want to earn to dollar from the sale of a property. We will help those seller’s with quick sale strategies.

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Have you been thinking about a move … it may be time to start planning? See my seller and buyer guides. They are morphed to meet the demands of the current market. When the time is right. Let’s get together to discuss your plans, needs and expectations.  Contact Tom Perry Directly


Not all agents are REALTORS®. We are held to a higher standard. Beyond the education, we are held accountable to the Code of Ethics.  Always ask, are you a REALTOR®?


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