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What Went Wrong?

You won't believe why your home didn't sell!

Selecting the wrong real estate agent can certainly be the real reason that your home did not sell. 

In life, we seek the advice of others when we are faced with uncommon issues or tasks. Whether it’s a plumbing problem, cooking your first turkey or selling a house, there seems to be an unlimited number of “experts” out there to help. Some are qualified and others just do not have the knowledge and experience to get you to where you want to be.  


Communication is the first part of the answer.   

The job of the real estate broker is a difficult one. It takes knowledge and experience for an agent to guide a seller with confidence. This process can only start with clear and open communication. The agent must ask the right questions and intently listen to the seller. Do they really want top dollar for their home, or do they simply want as much as they can get in its current condition? Ultimately, we all know that final decisions are made by the Seller but they sit on the shoulders of the agent. Did the agent demonstrate the importance of each step in the marketing plan? Was the agent able to fully explain the market and the trends that control both the listing and SOLD prices? Were they able to clearly demonstrate to the seller that in any market, there is a definite process, specific tools and finely honed negotiation skills required to be confident that they received top dollar?


An inexperienced agent simply cannot deliver that caliber of communication or be confident enough to convey the importance of their plan for preparation, pricing, and presentation. They do not have enough history to understand how the trends of the market and the competition affect the listing price.


Remember, the list price and preparation of the property is set by the Seller with the guidance of the Broker.  The Seller must trust the experience, honesty and candor of the Broker and follow their recommendations.


Trust is the second part. 

Trust begins with the Broker molding a plan based on the Seller’s concerns and expectations.  The plan will be guided by the agents experience and ability to deliver valuable solutions to the Seller in a simple, sincere, and understandable way.  If the Broker’s presentation feels unsure to the seller or undirect about price and condition, trust will not be created. In that situation, sellers may understandably ignore what they hear, and disregard the suggestions. Then they, unfortunately, tend to blindly move forward.   


Notice, I did not blame the Seller. 

Here is why.  Working with an inexperienced or uneducated agent which leads to a cancellation, a motivated Seller is more careful to re-list with an experienced Broker that will tell it like it is.  The seller will listen and do the work needed and price accordingly to ensure that the house will sell. 


Bottom Line: 

From the start, the seller needs to carefully select an experienced knowledgeable Broker with a sincere concern for their needs. A Broker that is capable of explaining the important information in a simple and easy to understand manner. A strong Broker will be honest and walk away from your listings they feel that it will not sell.  An agent with that ethical standard is an agent you can trust to guide you to a profitable sale. 

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